Scholarship Student’s Interaction with Jay Chaudhry

Mr. Jay Chaudhry, born and raised in Una, Himachal Pradesh made time to interact with & motivate our bright, young scholars in a webinar held on 31st July 2022. He is the CEO & Founder of Zscaler, a cloud security company, and among the Forbes top Billionaires in 2022.

He shared his inspiring life journey with an audience of more than 100 students & faculty from various institutions like IIT-Mandi, UIT-Shimla, NIT-Hamirpur and many more. 

His is one of those larger than life success stories which starts from studying under a tree to featuring in the Forbes Billionaires list. He spoke about his humble beginnings of being raised in a family of farmers in the remote village of Panoh. He shared how he walked 4 kms every day to attend high school in the neighboring village and his unquenchable thirst for learning new things. He told our students about his love for reading and how he had read all the books in his school library.

In response to a curious scholar’s question of how he overcame the English language barrier, Jay shared an anecdote about devising an innovative barter system of trading skills. He would learn English from his friends & colleagues in exchange for teaching them Math. He gave very practical and concrete tips to the students on how to turn their impossible dreams into reality. Jay’s motto in life is going above and beyond in his actions and leaving the rest to God which resonated deeply with the students.

In his closing remarks he further captivated an already rapt audience with a compelling mantra for success “Always deliver more than what you are getting paid for”.

Jay’s stimulating and succinct style galvanised a spark in the impressionable young minds of the scholars and truly made this webinar a memorable one.


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